Sunday, May 30, 2010

The "Evolution" of America

From this nation's outset, this country has been shaped (and in many cases-reshaped) through a conflict of ideas. In the days of the founders, the debate arose over the size, nature, and role of the federal government. This debate prompted the infamous Jefferson-Hamilton debates. At the risk of over-simplification, we then "evolved" into a debate over westward expansion and the slave issue. Once again, the debate centered on how much power should be afforded the central government in dealing with issues such as expansion and slavery. Furthermore, who should be supreme-state or national government? After the War Between the States settled those questions, more questions arose over the monetary system and internal improvements. Eventually, the Great Depression exploded and we were then, once again, debating the role of the federal government. Since that war we have debated issues such as political alliances, the U.S. as the policeman of the world, Civil Rights, and Abortion. Presidents have come and gone, but the debates remain.

Forgive the historical wanderings, but the previous portion was quite necessary. Once again, we have arrived at a central issue of the role of Representative Government and the power of the Federal Government. What truly troubles this writer, is the lack of civility in the debate. Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neil could beat each others brains out during the day, and then have a drink and laugh with each other at night. Now there is such hatred in the air. I have stated this before, I did not vote for Obama and his performance thus far strengthens that vote. However, I will not fall victim to the disease that plagues many of my brethren on the right, hatred for the man. I still do not feel that the president is evil or socialistic. I honestly believe that he truly is convinced this his vision for America is the correct one. I just happen to disagree with him. I just wish there was some way that we could tone down the hyperbolic rhetoric and return the debate to the halls of civility. The blame lies with both sides. We need an honest, intelligent debate on the future of our country. Let us have the debate and let the chips fall where they may. If the American people decide that Obama has "won" the debate, then re-elect the man in 2012. If they don't, then vote him out. It is just time for both sides to take a step back and tone down the rhetoric. Not that there is much at stake, just the future and security of this nation. The stakes are enormous, let the debate rise to the lofty status necessary for such monumental consequences.

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