Monday, May 17, 2010

The U.S. and Apologies

All right, let me get this one straight. The assistant Secretary of State has apologized to the Chinese government for the recent anti-Immigration law passed by the state of Arizona. First, my what rights can the federal government "apologize" for a state action. Second, we're apologizing to China????????? Remember, this is the most repressive regime on the face of the planet. Does Tiananmen Square ring any bells? What is it with the current administration and the art of the apology? I could understand the apologies if they were warranted. Like, for instance, how about apologizing to the American people for the way Congress and the past few administrations have spent our tax dollars like it's monopoly money. The state of Arizona passed an anti-immigration law because the federal government lacks the courage to do so. So, regardless of what Attorney General Holder and DHS Chief Napolitano say, the law gives the local Arizona authorities the right to ask for proof of citizenship when someone is pulled over for some other offense and their citizenship is in question. Do you think Arizona would have passed such a law if they had gotten any support from Washington? Now, because the federal government has not passed such a law, that same federal government is apologizing to other nations for that law? This is insane. What's next, should we apologize to Castro and Cuba for all of the inconveniences freedom and democracy has caused that island paradise? The saddest part of all, this could always get worse!

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