Sunday, October 2, 2011

Will Obama Lose?

As we keep inching closer and closer to the election of 2012, I'm not so sure that the republicans should be feeling warm and fuzzy. Slowly but surely, the economy is starting to improve. Has anyone noticed the drop in gas prices? You and I both know that this drop in prices usually trends towards an improvement in the economy, since people will have more change in their pockets.. If the economy improves, President Obama will win re-election. I base a large part of that belief on the fallibility of the republican "tiny-mites" running against him. None of those candidates are very appealing. You need more of a campaign idea than "I'm not Obama." While all of the polls seem to point to the republicans continuing control of the House and most likely, taking control of the Senate, all is not gloomy. However, if my republican and conservative brethren are counting on a repudiation of the president, I can only caution-"not so fast." If I was a betting man, my money is on the president. After all, the republicans will only have themselves to blame. But I will add an even gloomier thought, if the republicans can not win in this electoral climate, when do you see them winning again?????