Monday, May 17, 2010

A Personal Note to Tim James

Mr. James, since you are currently in the middle of a heated race for the republican nomination for Governor of Alabama, please allow me a few thoughts about the campaign. First, you have stated that you believe that any Alabama resident should be required to take the written portion of the Driver's exam in English. For that belief, you have received a tremendous amount of criticism from both inside and outside of our state. Personally, I don't see why this is such a controversial idea. To expect our citizens to be able to read a test in English that is typically given to ninth and tenth graders in High School is not outlandish. In this idea, I support you. However, what about the allegations about your cooperation with Paul Hubbert and Joe Reed (leaders of the Alabama Education Association). A group which has not backed a Republican candidate since the days of Lincoln (forgive the hyperbole). Mr. James, if you want my vote, publicly disavow any connection to Hubbert, Reed, or any of their ilk. Go on the record that your campaign has not accepted any funding from the A.E.A. and make it a public statement. Until that happens, I will vote for your opponent. Generally speaking, if the A.E.A. opposes a candidate, there must be something really good about that candidate. Come on Tim, step up to the mike and let's see if you're a man of principle or not!

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