Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gambling in Alabama

Let me "roll the dice" and hazard a walk down some dangerous territory. Yesterday's state-wide election returns in Alabama gave us some conflicting signals on the future of legalized gambling. First, Ron Sparks (totally supportive of legalized Gambling and the state being able to tax it) won an "upset" victory over Arthur Davis. Did Sparks win because of his gambling stance or due to the fact that Alabama is not yet ready to elect an African-American to a state-wide position? In other words, what decided the democratic nomination for Governor, gambling or racism? On the flip side, Troy King, the incumbent Attorney General who has opposed Governor Riley's attempts to raid the electronic bingo halls, went down to a crashing defeat. Many Alabamians viewed King's actions as a de facto endorsement of legalized gambling. It seems the Republicans voted against King due to those actions. So we have two conflicting signals about the future of gambling in Alabama. I'll go ahead and state my obvious solution, either legalize all forms of gambling or outlaw ALL forms of gambling (including the current dog tracks). Forget this nonsense of "some" gambling being allowed and others are not. I know the consequences of legalized gambling, but I am also swayed by the potential tax revenue from legalized gambling. Why should Mississippi have all the fun?

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