Sunday, January 22, 2012

Election of 2012

Well, we are now knee deep in the primary season for the presidential election of 2012. No doubt, I would love to vote "none of the above" on the presidential primary-hoping that some "hero in a white hat" could ride in and save the day. However, it looks like all of our hopes are pinned on either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. A race between a Wealthy Moderate Mormon Massachusetts Governor and a Sometimes Conservative Ethically Challenged Adulterous Professional Lobbyist. What a decision! By the time the race gets to Alabama, I would suspect that it would be over. I honestly believe that Romney will be the nominee, I sincerely doubt that Gingrich has the organization and the money to last the distance, just look at how his organization dropped the ball in Virginia. Regardless of who wins, it becomes a Moral Imperative that all Republicans must line up behind the winner and work their tails off. There are almost shades of 1976, when a moderate Ford narrowly defeated Reagan and the Reagan supporters basically sat on their hands and watched Ford lose. That can not be allowed to happen this time. Another Obama term would be a disaster. Obama is hurling this country more and more to a complete Entitlement Society. His energy policies are only working for the ultra-liberal environmental lobby. ANY Republican would be preferable to that. I just hope that no one starts thinking about the fact that the republicans need to lose gracefully and get ready for 2016. This election is our future. While I may not currently know for whom I will vote in the upcoming primary, there is no doubt where my vote will go in the November election. I hope that is the opinion shared by all true Republicans and all those people who are truly concerned about the direction this country has started to lurch. If it is not corrected soon, then we may all be repeating the famous quote: "let us wear on our sleeves the crepe of mourning for a civilization that once held the promise of joy."

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