Monday, December 26, 2011

Voting Rights in America

The Obama Department of Justice has recently filed suit preventing the state of South Carolina from enforcing their photo I.D. requirement for potential voters. The age-old argument is that requiring photo I.D. is discriminatory against minorities. The people advocating this nonsense argue that minorities would feel "intimidated" to show a photo I.D. Now let me get this straight, I have to show photo I.D. to purchase Claritin for my occasional sinus conditions. No one has ever claimed that is discriminatory. I will put forth an interesting argument. Perhaps, the Obama administration has come to the conclusion that they will need every possible vote (legal or illegal) in order to win next November. As per his Chicago upbringing, "if you're not cheating-you're not trying." Hasn't the Department of Justice just opened the door for fraudulent votes? In a day and age where virtually all Americans have some sort of photo I.D., how is the practice of showing that I.D. to prove your identity a matter of discrimination? Here's another idea that Obama should consider, how about granting blanket amnesty to all illegal immigrants, thereby clearing the way for their voter registration as well? One would think that with our advanced technology, it would be easier and easier to prevent voter fraud. Not in this country, it seems like "questionable" elections have become the rule rather than the exception. I always thought that, deep down inside, Americans were basically fair-minded people who were actually concerned about doing what was right. I guess that America is long past. Chalk this up as one more reason that I am deathly worried about the direction that Obama is leading this country.

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