Monday, March 2, 2009

President Obama

Well, the first forty days are over. Alot has changed. The stimulus package is passed and now we get to wait and see. Personally, I'm not throwing the President under the bus yet. I don't feel that he's dishonest, I think he is convinced that government is the solution to our problems. Being a former Reagan follower, I would offer that government is the cause of our problems. Let's give the man some time, lets see what the economy looks like around Thanksgiving. However, I will offer this rant: I am sick and tired of this "non-paritsan" crap. From the democrats point of view, non-partisan means going along blindly with any of their ideas. Here's hoping that the republicans will continue their non-partisanship tactics. Stick to your principles boys, but of course if the republicans had stuck to their prinicples we would not be in this position.

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  1. Though I'm far away from home, I'll have my daily Donald. Brilliant!