Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forgive the Negative Rant!!!!!

I hate to go negative, but to quote one of my new heroes "V", there is something terribly wrong with this country. We are in a financial mess and our solution is to punish the people who have played by the rules. We are going to allow people who are not able to pay their mortgages, people who are not able to pay their bills, people who have screwed up this economy to "get off the hook" at our expense. What about all of the people who have done everything correctly? What about the people who have struggled to pay their bills? Why not bail us out as well? Yet, we will continue to pay our bills while people who have gotten in over their heads will be bailed out by the new foreclosure laws which mandate a judge can lower your monthly payments to something more affordable. It almost makes you want to stop making your payments on time. In the "old days," we survived based on our own talents and merits. With this new ideology, we now depend on "big brother." Like V said, there is something terribly wrong. I just hope enough people wake up and smell the roses in time.

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