Sunday, January 20, 2013

Look What They've Done to Our Country, Mom. . .

We have entered the new world of 2013. Already, I'm ready to go back to 2012 (as bad of a year as that one was!). Now I will differ from my conservative brethren and argue that Barack Obama is not deliberately trying to destroy the United States of America. I honestly believe that Obama believes in his heart of hearts that what he is doing is in the best interests of all Americans. Obama seems to believe that it is the job of the government to look after it's citizens, even those citizens who do not want to looked after. I think Obama believes that he knows what is best for us. The problem lies in the fact that I don't agree. We now have a government that wants to monitor what we eat and they now want to monitor our firearms. Our government truly wants to be the retirement plan for all Americans and it now wants to be the health-care provider for all Americans. In fact, the government has become the great enabler. At one point in time, we were the masters of our own destiny. Now, the government is there is bail us out when we fail. If you can't afford a college education, big brother is there. If you can't afford a home mortgage, big brother is there. If you can't afford health insurance, big brother is there. If you can't pay your taxes, don't worry-we'll pass it on to those people that are more successful. At this point in time, fifty-two percent of all American adults are receiving some type of government benefit check. Under Obama, we have added over two million new jobs. The downsize, we have also added over four million Americans onto disability. How can we continue to sustain this type of governmental spending? Now the government is taking on the gun control question. Now I have no problem with some type of gun control. However, I get the feeling (that just like Obama's tax policy) that we're just going to continue to penalize the law abiding public and those who have worked all of their life for the American dream. As we are nearing the inauguration of Obama for his second term, I honestly that we have reached a watershed moment in United States history. We can continue to speed towards big brother watching over all of us, or we can break this cycle of governmental dependence. Unfortunately, I think I know the answer. "Angels and Ministers of Grace, Defend Us!"

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