Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Doesn't the Left Understand the Tea Parties????

Now that all of the tumultuous uproar has died down about the "revolution" in Massachusetts, it is amazing to see the pontifications from the left trying to explain the upset. That amazing mental giant Keith Olbermann wrote it off entirely to racism (so it's racist if a white man disagrees with the African-American President but it isn't racism when the African-American president disagrees with the white man!!!!!) Others have written it off by attributing it to a horribly-run campaign by Coaxley. Why can't the left understand the general discontent that is sweeping the nation? As long as those people in the streets are advancing liberal ideas, they are championed as "defenders" of the cause of free speech. Just make sure that we stay in touch with the elite's idea of truth and justice. They currently dismiss the "tea-baggers" as nuts and people that are out-of-touch with reality. If the protests were directed against Republicans like George W. Bush then they are covered and treated with serious news coverage. If the protests are directed against their "golden boy," then the protests are delusional. The elites must begin to understand that their is a current of anger running through this nation. People are beginning to believe that their voices no longer matter. People are beginning to believe that the people in Congress rule in spite of the voters, not because of them. The question is how long will it take for Congress (and the liberal elite) to take these protests seriously? It has been a long time since the American people "took to the barricades," it was long overdue. Before my friends on the right start getting too smug, please remember, this is as much of a warning for the conservatives as the liberals. If our leaders continue to disregard the masses, there may come a reckoning on election day. It will be interesting to see how history records the political landscape of 2009-2010. Was Massachusetts the opening salvo or is there more to come?

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