Monday, September 28, 2009

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Raises Its Ugly Head?????

All right, here we go again. Former President Clinton is once again talking about that "vast right-wing conspiracy" that he maintains is hoping that President Obama fails. To ask the simple question: what has happened to honest dissent in this country? When people on the right disagree with the liberal elites, it is an example of "tea parties," "Nazis" (to quote that paragon of wisdom Nancy Pelosi), and other nut cases. Yet, when the left dissented about President Bush and the war in Iraq, they were viewed as patriots who were exercising their constitutional liberties. For some strange reason, I do not believe that Pelosi would have referred to the anti-Vietnam War protesters as Nazis. Former President Clinton decries the conservative influence on the radio channels and Fox news as a prime example of this horrid conspiracy. Yet, everyone with eyes to see has always known that the overwhelming number of news reporters and broadcast journalists are liberal. Just watch another one of the "love-fests" that poses as the white house news conferences and you will see it. Why can't the right be allowed to question and criticize the policies of Obama without being subjected to cries of racism (thank you President Carter) and conspiracy theories. Do I want the President to fail? Absolutely Not!!! Do I disagree with many of the President's beliefs? ABSOLUTELY!!!!! I am totally convinced that the President's National Health Care plan will lead us down a road to disaster. I guess that makes me either a racist or a member of that "vast right-wing conspiracy." Why can't I, and others like me, just be viewed as members of the loyal opposition. Why is it an example of crass partisanship if the Republicans vote as one in opposition to the President's policies but if the Democrats did so to President Bush it was an example of honest political discourse. Perhaps, the elites should be more concerned with their own hypocrisy than this right-wing conspiracy. Of course, what do I know, I'm just one of those gun-toting, racist, Nazi conspirators. Just call me Brutus!

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